Friday, April 2, 2010

it has begun :)

well as it was good friday i was unable to start ABC today, family feeding is harder to resist than i thought. but i did go for a big walk around the big block with weights then i went to the oval and ran. in the dark. i ran hard. it felt so good. i feel so good. i can feel hunger now it feels so good. i bought nodoz today which will come to good use in the holidays. im still to scared to buy laxatives. should i? please helppppp, girls/guys can you please share your laxative experiences lol.
but yeah im ready to start ABC tomorrow
this is what is inspiring me:
i will be the skinniest girl in school
i want the fur to grow on my back again to keep me warm
i dont care if my hair goes shit, thats when my hair extensions come to good use

im ready for this. i want it now. i want fast results. and over the next two days im going to try and blog every day. and please, please i hope i dont fail. i want this more than anything.

i hope this inspires people :)

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