Wednesday, April 14, 2010


im just bored at the moment. im gonna let you all know right now that i could hever be, or have ever been bulimic. i tried once or twice in my younger years and i just couldn't do it. like it was physically impossible. that just means i cant eat. or scoff down laxatives if i do decide to eat shit food. i went for such a long up hill walk this morning im actually sore + tired and its only midday. i had an apple before i walked and had a redbull after. just took 2 nodoz to wake me up a little which will later remind me not to eat while shopping. thats all for now, except hopefully i get my jumping jacks in tonight as my boyfriends coming over and after im going out mhhm im sure i can sneak them in somewhere. i truely reckon they help.

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