Tuesday, April 20, 2010

semi-juice fast

so my dads great and he bought me a juicer :)! so ive decided that a juic fast is definately needed. although due to my dancing, my intense p.e. class, and my recent blood loss, i would probably pass out at school or something if i was surviving on juice alone. so i researched and researched no fat muffins and i made these cute little muffins with zero fat. so seeing its hard to take the juicer to school (lol thatd be so funny) i'll take one of my muffins :) and the good thing about the juicer is that it came with recipes and calories for all the fruit and veges aha so at least i know whats healthiest etc.

the last few days have been well i think but ive been so tired. so one other thing about this juice fast is that it will have to include caffeine, which will vary from day to day like either sugar free redbull, nodoz, soy lattes, aswell as my diet coke :)

my stomach is looking better already. if this juice fast goes well i think i may actually have the courage to put photos up aha. wish me luck. and one other thing, i was just wondering how long i should do this for. ive figured out for the next few days that i can get away with it for sure. i mean minimum of a week, and i guess if i get into situations where i have to eat i will just continue the fast after or some up with my little excuses :)

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  1. That sounds like a great plan. The idea of just juice and muffins seems like it'd be great and delicious. I need to get me one of those juicers. I also need to find some no-fat stuff to eat. Keep up with the weight-loss, we are all here to keep each other strong and light-weight.

    xxpaperdollxx <3