Thursday, April 15, 2010

signing out

today was definately a success, and i could feel the nodoz i had get me so excited and just hyper and i dont wanna eat. my boyfriend came over for dinner and requested i made my classic burgers. so i did and i probably had about 3 bites, which then the smoke alarm went off and while my dad was fixing it, i chucked the rest of the burger out. so today i had an apple, redbull, and 3 small bites of a burger. i also bought lollypops, gum, tic tacs, and sugar free mints while i was at the shopsss :) ive got a good feeling about all this. now im going out and hopefully my alcohol intake wont be too high calorie but im sure ill vomit it up coz my stomach hates booze aha. night all x

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