Friday, September 18, 2009

kill me

ok so i havent posted in a few days. its coz ive been busy being a fat ass! ugh fuck my life. and the whole time i knew i was being bad. well fuck it im starting again. all i had for lunch today was celery and carrot sticks. and ive eaten other shit through out the day. but i went to the gym and i worked so hard. and i start playing basketball tomorrow! so hopefully......

ahh and 1 week left of horrid school then two weeks of fasting :) with the occasional carrot sticks and celery sticks. i hope this is inspiration for some off you ;D!! SOMEBODY GIVE ME YOUR FAVOURITE SAFE FOODS!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

sick as fuck =_=

i posted this picture coz i want boots like those :D but lets say im not gonna have the money for them anytime soon. its been a good few past days coz i either have flu or glandula fever and while its extremely painful i havent been hungry or even been able to eat like anything hahaah. and id like to leave some love for the people that commented on my last post about taking the iron tablets. im feeling better after reading them :) :) :) im so happy right now i just got back from the show with show bags full of crap haha and i dont even wanna eat any so ill just give it to the family and all my clothes from ebay got sent in got me super happy :D :D one more thing the new season of skins just came out and im watching it right now lol listen to me rant hahahhaha anyways ill post tomorrow coz i called up sick for work so ill have not much to do woo ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


i feel sick. doctor told me im anemic (which means im iron deficiant) so im on these iron tablets right where i take one a day. they make my tummy hurt a little. one of my friends told me they are really easy to overdose on so ive been pissed off all night and i just took 3. then i googled it and if i had taken more i probs wouldve died. i wanna vomit i feel so sick. like to be honest im hating life i cant stand it right now i just wanna stay home and cry and watch movies. i wanna go outside and just run, run away and never stop running. i think my new obsessions gonna be celery and carrot sticks. ive been off track and its disgusting. friday night im just gonna drink myself silly :) but im borrowing a different girls dress, its really pretty seeing we have the same small sized boobs haha. i actually wanna take more tablets. i have things to look forward to but we allways have things to look forward to even people that kill themselves. i wanna be in pain. pain makes me feel better. my stomachs starting to hurt a little. i love how i only have enough guts to take 3 haha im such a pussy. goodnight babes (L)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

damn weekends

what a shit weekend. lets just say maccas may have found itself to my mouth although after i ate it i felt sick and couldnt eat anything else. but i know i can get back on track this week. i went to the royal show with my friends and i just love the show food and getting showbags and all that crap ugh good thing was that i only got magazine showbags and spent my money on rides woo i also wasnt hungry because i popped a pill to make it a better night. so i wast hungry and the thought of food made me sick, im going again this weekend coming and doing the same thing it should be good fun. sucks though this week im so busy ill have no time for the gym so i reckon ill just try and walk as much as i can anywhere i go. i also have ballet tomorrow night.
leave me some of your favourite safe foods to give me some ideas :D
night beautiful ladies and lads (L)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i feel so sick

ugh i just polished off a whole packet of lollies and some sultana bran and low salt pretzels. worst day ever. i think that breakfast is definately the key. coz i couldnt eat breakfast today coz of my blood test i felt like shit the whole day. i almost passed out a few times coz i couldnt go the gym. i guess it couldve been worse. tomorrows a new day and it should be a good weekend. i also have like no money so i cant buy any food :D woooo but tonight might be the last night for a few days i come and blog to you guys coz ill be at my friends house and she doesnt have internet.. but its good at her house coz they never have food and allways have takeout for dinner but she never forces me to have any..... i might post another later on depending on how i feel. stay strong girls :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


im so tired but i couldnt wait to get home and come write up on myself. i did so well i have approx 324 calories :) i had to work tonight and its allways hard (i work at maccas) and i get free food and shakes and stuff so i was getting uneasy thinking i might cheat and have something. luckily i just had gum the whole shift and chewed like a cow lol and all i had was a little diet coke :D and im not allowed to eat tonight or tomorrow morning coz i have to fast before i have some blood tests. which is a good excuse for not eating.
i have a question for some of you. what do you drink when you go out? coz i have a party next week and im gonna eat nothing during the day so i dont vomit up that night and get drunk easier. and theres no way im drinking plain spirits or not drinking at all! whats the best stuff to drink? i like pulse and cruiser blacks, udls have too many calories its like 300 a can! and thats so gross. last time i went out i didnt eat at all during the day and had like 8 pulse and i still threw up like all the alcohol so should that be fine? ugh i know its dangerous but my body is a temple and can handle this stuff hahhaha (L)
goodnight babes :)