Sunday, September 6, 2009

damn weekends

what a shit weekend. lets just say maccas may have found itself to my mouth although after i ate it i felt sick and couldnt eat anything else. but i know i can get back on track this week. i went to the royal show with my friends and i just love the show food and getting showbags and all that crap ugh good thing was that i only got magazine showbags and spent my money on rides woo i also wasnt hungry because i popped a pill to make it a better night. so i wast hungry and the thought of food made me sick, im going again this weekend coming and doing the same thing it should be good fun. sucks though this week im so busy ill have no time for the gym so i reckon ill just try and walk as much as i can anywhere i go. i also have ballet tomorrow night.
leave me some of your favourite safe foods to give me some ideas :D
night beautiful ladies and lads (L)

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  1. We can get back on track together! Yay! As for my drastic measure... well i haven't decided just yet, hopefully i won't need to. Lol.