Friday, September 18, 2009

kill me

ok so i havent posted in a few days. its coz ive been busy being a fat ass! ugh fuck my life. and the whole time i knew i was being bad. well fuck it im starting again. all i had for lunch today was celery and carrot sticks. and ive eaten other shit through out the day. but i went to the gym and i worked so hard. and i start playing basketball tomorrow! so hopefully......

ahh and 1 week left of horrid school then two weeks of fasting :) with the occasional carrot sticks and celery sticks. i hope this is inspiration for some off you ;D!! SOMEBODY GIVE ME YOUR FAVOURITE SAFE FOODS!



  1. celery and salsa/mustard

    vegetable broth(better than boulin) 5 cals per serving

    grapes, spinach

    water, coffee

    i eat safely too. Break my food up, eat slow with lots of water. I get tired out from eating after awhile ha ha

  2. well this is an inspirationg! great job today, and good luck with the upcoming fast!

    and i agree with stick thin. i lovee grapes!! lol

    you are such a great person for eating celary.. its so hard for me/ ick lol


  3. I love celery, but i have to have it covered in salt lol.
    Cinnamon on apple is quite nice, asparagus, lettuce and carrots.

    Lexy xx