Wednesday, September 9, 2009


i feel sick. doctor told me im anemic (which means im iron deficiant) so im on these iron tablets right where i take one a day. they make my tummy hurt a little. one of my friends told me they are really easy to overdose on so ive been pissed off all night and i just took 3. then i googled it and if i had taken more i probs wouldve died. i wanna vomit i feel so sick. like to be honest im hating life i cant stand it right now i just wanna stay home and cry and watch movies. i wanna go outside and just run, run away and never stop running. i think my new obsessions gonna be celery and carrot sticks. ive been off track and its disgusting. friday night im just gonna drink myself silly :) but im borrowing a different girls dress, its really pretty seeing we have the same small sized boobs haha. i actually wanna take more tablets. i have things to look forward to but we allways have things to look forward to even people that kill themselves. i wanna be in pain. pain makes me feel better. my stomachs starting to hurt a little. i love how i only have enough guts to take 3 haha im such a pussy. goodnight babes (L)


  1. I'm glad you only have the grit to take 3 pills. I do NOT want to lose you.... I have this really bad separation anxiety thing going on... yeah. I get spazzy when i don't hear from someone for a while. You'll be back on track soon, hunny. Stay strong--BUT NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO OD!

  2. I'm glad you didn't take 3 pills! I once thought i was anemic, so i took iron pills before asking a doctor, needless to say i got sick as fuck. I'm glad you're posting agian! I hope you post the dress you're going to wear!

  3. sorry to hear your tummy hurts... hope u feel better tomorrow... but pleeeeeeeeease don't overdose on the pills....
    love ur blog, btw...