Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i feel so sick

ugh i just polished off a whole packet of lollies and some sultana bran and low salt pretzels. worst day ever. i think that breakfast is definately the key. coz i couldnt eat breakfast today coz of my blood test i felt like shit the whole day. i almost passed out a few times coz i couldnt go the gym. i guess it couldve been worse. tomorrows a new day and it should be a good weekend. i also have like no money so i cant buy any food :D woooo but tonight might be the last night for a few days i come and blog to you guys coz ill be at my friends house and she doesnt have internet.. but its good at her house coz they never have food and allways have takeout for dinner but she never forces me to have any..... i might post another later on depending on how i feel. stay strong girls :)


  1. yeah, breakfast is definitely the key, at least for me...if i don't do breakfast then i'll end out binging for sure..

    Good luck at hour friend's house, Take care.

  2. I agree; breakfast is the key. If i don't eat it or if i screw up and eat too much at it, the rest of the day is screwed.

    Good luck at your friend's house; i'm sure you'll do fantastic.

    Loving the picture, by the way. Her legs are so beautiful.

  3. Bleh I'm sorry about feeling sick. I hope you have a good weekend! Don't forget about us he he. Don't be too hard on yourself though, just pick yourself back up! I have no money for food either! its great. My dad felt bad for me and he gave me 20 dollars for food.

    15 went to the book 'wasted'
    5 i gave to J for an iced mocha

    i'm horrible