Tuesday, September 1, 2009


im so tired but i couldnt wait to get home and come write up on myself. i did so well i have approx 324 calories :) i had to work tonight and its allways hard (i work at maccas) and i get free food and shakes and stuff so i was getting uneasy thinking i might cheat and have something. luckily i just had gum the whole shift and chewed like a cow lol and all i had was a little diet coke :D and im not allowed to eat tonight or tomorrow morning coz i have to fast before i have some blood tests. which is a good excuse for not eating.
i have a question for some of you. what do you drink when you go out? coz i have a party next week and im gonna eat nothing during the day so i dont vomit up that night and get drunk easier. and theres no way im drinking plain spirits or not drinking at all! whats the best stuff to drink? i like pulse and cruiser blacks, udls have too many calories its like 300 a can! and thats so gross. last time i went out i didnt eat at all during the day and had like 8 pulse and i still threw up like all the alcohol so should that be fine? ugh i know its dangerous but my body is a temple and can handle this stuff hahhaha (L)
goodnight babes :)


  1. I don't drink anymore but I know I enjoyed it most when I was empty. I probably only needed a couple glasses of wine. Maybe a singe screw driver, or a couple shots and I was a perfect buzz. Just drink slow, and make sure you're drinking water as well. I liked being empty because i'd drink less

  2. Sounds like you're doing great. Keep up the good work. I'm jealous that you have an actual socially acceptable reason to not eat for a couple days. Lol. Stay strong, darling (as if you have a choice, you lucky duck, you).