Monday, August 31, 2009

nom nom nom

how nice does that picture look! mann i cant wait for summer but so much work to be done before then! ive decided to become a polo-pechetarian which means no meat but seafood and chicken. ive had a good day i did my two classes of ballet and throughout the day i have a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter, a bowl of sultana bran and some tuna. (i hope i dont trigger anybody with this post, if you think itll trigger you stop now! but its good food)
anyway we went to the shops aswell and i got gum, a big bottle of water, frozen baby carrots, celery, whole meal bread, jello, and low fat pretzels. i feel so good today coz im not even hungry. and its good coz a new friend of mine wants to diet too so when we feel hungry we just sit together and talk about losing weight, its so much easier to have a friend dieting aswell. i mean i dont call what im doing dieting but thats what she calls it and im fine with that. next week we wanna do the rainbow diet ^__^ although some of the foods are like ugh and we'll just skip a few out haha i mean i wouldnt eat like a plain onion : oh i also bought a pack of 30% less sugar starburst lollies because ive been feeling so strong i wanted to put them in my room to make me feel like i CAN do this :) also that girl wont let me borrow the dress for the party D: stupid cow but she said i could maybe borrow it another time. ugh ill have nothing to wear.
and before i go, updating this everyday feels so good for me. its like a food journel and if you eat something bad ill have to write it down here so thankyou to you reading :)
peaceee out guys (L)


  1. Omg i'm a polo-whateverarian too. Lol. I just didn't know that there was a name for it. What's the rainbow diet?

    I'm sorry that you're not going to be borrowing that dress for the party. :/ You'll just have to get skinny and make her jealous to get back at her. Lol.

  2. i have no idea how to pronounce that name either :| its mental i sound like a looney lol
    uhm rainbow diet is where each day you have a colour from the rainbow and you have a list of certain foods for each colour and yeah just eat those foods for that colour day, just veges and fruits and stuff

    hahahaha i know im not skinny but that girl i know im skinnier than her! but thankyou for the inspiration!

  3. bummer about the dress. I hope you find something even better! Good luck.

    I'm vegan(for the most part). It feels so good when you are eating healthy food huh?