Sunday, August 23, 2009

a little inspiration to start us off

the first day was easy,
the time just flew by
no hunger or pain
but you didnt know why

the second day was good
you told a few lies
you hid food in your room
then went to exercise

the third day was harder
unsure of yourself
you passed out twice
trying to hold onto a shelf

you cant bring yourself to eat
and you dont know why
some days you wish you could
and even the guilt of that makes you cry

on the fourth day
you can hardly awake
your body tries to go on
but you just tremble and shake

the fourth day goes on
your feeling very weak
you want to talk to people
but its too tiring to speak

your parents dont believe you
you think its all a lie
youve denied them the truth
and now you might die

you feel no hunger
this is no fluke
you have another cigarette
and begin to puke

the acid is hard
stripping your throat
your only 83 pounds
the scale is your suicide note

you feel dizzy and confused
your body aching in pain
you know you should eat
and still you refrain

your parents know now
but theyd never tell
your little brother watches
his big sister go through hell

you know you need help
but you worry about your weight
you dont think its bad enough
but when it is it'll be too late

the fourth day of fasting
no liquids since the third
because you fear water weight now
youre concerned hope is lost and youll never be cured....

i didnt write this myself but i find it very inspirational
i hope it helps whoever here has read my blog :)

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