Sunday, August 30, 2009

add on to that

the girl with the black dress, i dont know these people but thats the dress im borrowing off my friend, how cute is it!
but yeah.... keep dreaming
this is gonna require a week of strict calorie restrictions then a week of fasting
and i just bought an ana bracelet off ebay and hopefully thatll help me keep strong in my journey.
also im a very sporty person and i play ALOT of sports which is good but i also do an extra P.E. class at school which is heaps brutal and if i fast the moment i do exercise i just black out
does anybody have any ways of helping me with this? and no i dont wanna eat a cube of cheese, i hate cheese haha
and also a big ILOVEYOU to my first ever commenter you know who you are
thanks lovelies and soon when i can be bothered ill upload HEAPS of thinspo pictures i have so many, so keep posted fraaans (L)

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  1. I don't know if there is any secret to fasting and being able to work out. I can usually do at least one hard work out while I'm fasting, and then maybe another light one. After a third day I'm pretty weak. So what i'm trying to get at is everyone's body is different. If you do fast, drink lost of water, and also don't let your metabolism get too low. I'm not against fasting, but I am against starving :) I bet you'll look good in the dress. Will you post pictures?