Sunday, August 23, 2009

i welcome myself

i want to share my journey to be thin with more people. i know i like to read about the girls that go through the same stuff that i do. i want to help with my tips and tricks. and i believe that if i write on here than itll help me. when i show the stats i know i havent been very small but im also very tall and muscular. im a ballet and jazz dancer although i would be better if i was smaller. i play soccer and basketball :)

hw-62 kilos/136.4 pounds
lw-53 kilos/116.6 pounds
cw-61 kilos/134.2 pounds

thats so gross /vomits
im not bulimic though i never have been and i doubt i ever will
you never know though

i just finished the 40 hour famine and that was hard
i want to do it every weekend
what i read was that fasting helps the body unaware to what people against starving says. because fasting is not starving.

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