Thursday, October 22, 2009


the one day that i reckon i have enough strength to fast, my garndma insists she poach me an egg and its just i have to eat anything she gives me. at least its only a poached egg, she tried to make me toast too. once me and my dad move out ill be free to eat nothing. my past two weeks have been going good and strong. breakfast has been a tiny bowel of sultana bran and then recess and lunch have consisted of celery alone. although once i had tuna coz we didnt have any celery left. i can see and feel the difference. buut there would be a bigger difference if i didnt eat the dinner i was fed or the occasional icecream and milo ugh. at least theres been SOME progress. i just feel really inspired lately. and i hope you all feel the same, peace guys and girls (L)

Monday, October 12, 2009

tomorrows the start of something amazing

there are those boots again ^_^ but id prefer them in black. they make girls legs look so much smaller i reckon. and notice how shes drinking diet coke. woo.
its been such a good day. weve finished holidays and i was susposed to go to school today but i took an extra day off to relax. so i had the biggest sleep in all holidays. i started an assignment that was way easier than i thought. i showered. and i cleaned which made me feel awesome coz im obsessive compulsive. it was relaxing and made me feel awesome. i also decided what i was gonna eat for the next few weeks. breakfast will either be a small bowl of sultana bran or poached egg whites. then all i eat is celery. and for those rare nights that im at home for dinner ill eaither be 'sick' or eat very very little haha. and for those days where i know i need the energy i have sugar free redbull (only 10 calories XD) or skim coffee. i just feel really good about this :D ive been listening a song called with me by sum 41 and i think its beautiful. if anybody wants to chat with me let me know ;) coz i wouldnt mind talking to somebody with so much in common but somebody ive never had the chance to meet. night out ^_^

Friday, October 9, 2009

how strange

i know i havent written in all holidays but thats because ive felt so ashamed. i know your all gonna think this is totally disgusting but im pretty sure ive eaten some kind of mcdonalds food every day of the holidays, although some days its been like bread or half healthy stuff from the cafe. anyway its made me feel so sick that its almost all id eat in the day just one thing. but ive had a few good foods in the holidays. today i have just felt so incredible and ready to get back on track. and the good thing is i can feel that my work pants have gotten looser :D :D although summers just around the corner gotta get good. so i think as soon as schools back in 2 days (ugh) im gonna put myself on a strict diet of celery and sultana bran ahaha. a girl at my work went on a diet of celery and water for a month and shit she looked so skinny after wards. lucky girl. and the reason she did that was coz a manager called her fat. i hate her coz shes a rude, nasty bitch. but she is skinny and for him to call her fat..... how odd. i hope this is inspiration for some of you coz im actually so ready to get back on track. makes me feel happy. night babes 8D