Monday, October 12, 2009

tomorrows the start of something amazing

there are those boots again ^_^ but id prefer them in black. they make girls legs look so much smaller i reckon. and notice how shes drinking diet coke. woo.
its been such a good day. weve finished holidays and i was susposed to go to school today but i took an extra day off to relax. so i had the biggest sleep in all holidays. i started an assignment that was way easier than i thought. i showered. and i cleaned which made me feel awesome coz im obsessive compulsive. it was relaxing and made me feel awesome. i also decided what i was gonna eat for the next few weeks. breakfast will either be a small bowl of sultana bran or poached egg whites. then all i eat is celery. and for those rare nights that im at home for dinner ill eaither be 'sick' or eat very very little haha. and for those days where i know i need the energy i have sugar free redbull (only 10 calories XD) or skim coffee. i just feel really good about this :D ive been listening a song called with me by sum 41 and i think its beautiful. if anybody wants to chat with me let me know ;) coz i wouldnt mind talking to somebody with so much in common but somebody ive never had the chance to meet. night out ^_^

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  1. I want doc martens too! They're awful expensive over here though. I want those called "Serena 8 Eye Boot" (in black) because it's always cold here in the winter :)

    Stay strong <3