Wednesday, August 11, 2010


have any of you heard of ipicac? its this liquid that makes you vomit, i asked for it at the chemist the other day after an unavoidable binge. well they didnt stock it. so i ordered it online, and i got it today. woo this is good as every time i try to purge it fails, physically. eeeek :)


one of my best friends tried to kill herself today, fuck. it made me realize the horror of what i put my boyfriend thru when i tell him i may not be alive tomorrow coz we've had an arguement or something. shit

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rest in peace girl, your death is such a shame
The paper said a bullet got in your way
But I smell foul play, possible poisoning
I had to bring you in for questioning
I went to your grave, dug up your body
Brought it to my house, where you lay

So let's play doctor babe
We'll operate today
Incisions must be made
You could help solve this case
For me...

I headed downtown, to share what I had found
It's not a suicide, it's a crime
I have a witness, it's clearly evident
There had to be someone else present
At the time of death, poisons in stomach
How could she pull it, if she's dead?

So let's play doctor babe
We'll operate today
Incisions must be made
You could help solve this case
We need a scalpel now
Under white lights you lay
We've got to hurry up
Before the flesh decays

I'll catch the murderer
And send him away
I'll get the evidence
From your last day

Your last day...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


so over the past week ive been doing well, not eating fantastic but not too bad either, i can see myself transforming again. id like to also thank some diet pills for a bit of that. but like no joke, i just woke up from an amazing dream. i was a proper anoretic, they put me into hospital and it felt good. it was pure control. even after now being awake i feel inspired. so for the next few weeks/months whenever, im gonna focus my intake purely on carrots and mustard, with the occasional strawberrie, slice of cucumber, or watermelon. because i want this. fuck food, sure it tastes good but since ive been chasing this dream for such a long time its time to make the dream reality. fuck fuck fuck. wow i feel so enthuised. so thats that. ill hopefully update again soon :) stay strong, and i hope you all find the inspiration i have :)