Thursday, August 5, 2010


so over the past week ive been doing well, not eating fantastic but not too bad either, i can see myself transforming again. id like to also thank some diet pills for a bit of that. but like no joke, i just woke up from an amazing dream. i was a proper anoretic, they put me into hospital and it felt good. it was pure control. even after now being awake i feel inspired. so for the next few weeks/months whenever, im gonna focus my intake purely on carrots and mustard, with the occasional strawberrie, slice of cucumber, or watermelon. because i want this. fuck food, sure it tastes good but since ive been chasing this dream for such a long time its time to make the dream reality. fuck fuck fuck. wow i feel so enthuised. so thats that. ill hopefully update again soon :) stay strong, and i hope you all find the inspiration i have :)


  1. this will come across rude, so you can hate me if you want...but you felt GOOD being hospitalized? I guess that doesn't make sense. I hope you just be safe okay? Ha I sound like a nagging mother. Its a rough battle living with eating disorders, I hope you find some peace :)

    Be safe, be safe.

  2. oh i just meant that i was able to get that far, not the actual aspect of being in hospital but the fact as i got that far, sounds a little fucked up hey