Thursday, July 22, 2010


holidays were pathetic. i tried to fast then id break down and eat coz i was working so much. i couldnt handle it. first week back at school i ate healthy/normal. last night i broke down, 5 hours of panic attacks, yelling at my boyfriend, breaking things, crying. until i took 3 sleeping pills and i was knocked out. see ive tried to be normal but it ends out with anxiety. so to control my anxiety i need to control my food /sigh. for the next 3 days ill be living on green tea, water and diet pills. aha. my dad got me a gym membership as im competing in an annual 12k fun run. so yay. sorry i havent blogged in ages i just felt too pathetic. write up soon :) wish me luck on the next 3 days aha. x

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  1. Work seems to make me want to eat too... It's just so much stress and actual physical work i guess... Don't feel too bad, hunny. I know you'll do great the next few days and you'll see beautiful progress and you won't have so much anxiety attacking you.