Saturday, September 12, 2009

sick as fuck =_=

i posted this picture coz i want boots like those :D but lets say im not gonna have the money for them anytime soon. its been a good few past days coz i either have flu or glandula fever and while its extremely painful i havent been hungry or even been able to eat like anything hahaah. and id like to leave some love for the people that commented on my last post about taking the iron tablets. im feeling better after reading them :) :) :) im so happy right now i just got back from the show with show bags full of crap haha and i dont even wanna eat any so ill just give it to the family and all my clothes from ebay got sent in got me super happy :D :D one more thing the new season of skins just came out and im watching it right now lol listen to me rant hahahhaha anyways ill post tomorrow coz i called up sick for work so ill have not much to do woo ;)


  1. dang i hope you get feeling better :(

    yay for new clothes! I am in the process of moving, so dejunking, hopefully i'll be able to get new clothes soon

    ps. i love the boots

  2. the boots definately are in my 'desperately-want-it' list... :)
    i'm glad abt the iron tablets... and Yay for new clothes!

    <3 Pi

  3. i just gound your blog! and let me say i love it!!=]

    oh and those boots are verry adorable!