Thursday, April 22, 2010

a whisper to a scream

a scream of desperation. im feeling quite strong lately. i finally bought those laxatives. theyll be sitting in my drawer, just in case. the juice fasting thing well lets just say after one day i ran out of fruit and veges. its expensive. so mhhm. im going nuts in my head. i cant help it. my mind is constantly racing. and i feel so fat its so gross :( but i think it will be ok. i hope it will be ok. ive discovered a love for air popped popcorn. low calories. and im going walking tomorrow morning. schools starting to stress me out /sigh.


  1. Home made ice lolly's help me, and if you don't have an ice lolly tray they sell cheap ice lolly's at the supermarket with virtually no calories, that and tic tacs keep me from snacking. Been thinking about the popcorn thing, been stalking a popcorn machine on ebay for a while, might just buy it.

    loveinamugxox- iida

  2. I love to eat rice cakes if I ever try doing a juice or fruit/veg diet. I love the pictures. I hope school doesn't stress you out much longer. Hang in there