Saturday, April 17, 2010


opinions. stories. recomendations. etc. anything on laxatives, please help :)!
today has been amazing. all i ate was a pear. i resisted more temptations than im usually offered. and hopefully tomorrow i'll see the results. my mind is racing. chew. suck. slurp. run. walk. faster. peel. i need to have thoughts racing through my mind. it feels good. real fucking good. im tired coz i have had proper sleep for about 3 days now. so not a long post. i'll post again tomorrow, and as i said any info on personel laxative use is needed! thanks lovelies

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  1. Hi there, I've not commented before so I hope it's okay that I do.

    I've had to use laxatives for another medical reason and they're not really fun. I've been tempted to use them as a way of purging (because it does give you a lovely empty feeling) but I don't think it's worth it.

    So I'm about to write some pretty gross stuff and you can delete it if you want, but they're facts.

    It isn't like on TV. You know in comedy movies how someone needs to make a diversion so puts laxatives in someone's drink and they go right away? Nope. It takes at least over night.

    You have to work out the right dosage for you as well. Not enough and it can do nothing and take days. Too many and you can get horrendous stomach cramps. And different brands or natural Vs chemical, supermarket brands Vs stronger pharmacy brands, all require different dosages, so you may have the dosage worked out for one, but it'll be different for another. Then I've found the dosage is different for how much you've eaten lately, and also for when your last bowel movement was.

    Then, it's not like it all comes out at once and then you're done. It's not simple like that. Especially if you require a high dosage. You'll go to the toilet and the first large amount will come out (sorry, I did warn you it'll be gross). Then maybe half an hour later you'll need to go again but it'll just be a small amount. Then another small amount shortly after that. And probably some more after that.

    Often you also get small stomach aches during the day too.

    Oh and then there's the wind. It's like when you normally have to make a bowel movement and you sometimes fart a few times before....except x a million.

    And you can't really plan the laxatives around your life. Because as I said, it may not happen over night. It may not work until day after next. So you kind of have to plan your life around them.

    Basically, it's not a good idea to use them before school or work (unless you're in a job or school where it's okay to be absent for about 10 minutes, then again for a couple of minutes, then again and possibly again)(or if there's someone in your class/workplace who already farts a lot, whom you can blame your wind on). Or when you're going out to see friends. Or if you have to go to the shops (please think of people who may be in the cubicals next to you!!). Or basically if you have any plans for the next day or so.

    So that's what it's like when you HAVE to use them. Although there is kind of a nice empty feeling. It's not worth it.