Wednesday, March 31, 2010

back /sigh

reatreat was a joke. the cook was a joke. she was the head of her own catering company. the food she cooked was AMAZING. im not gonna go into details. i had to eat. the food was so nice. i guess im happy im not surrounded by that food here. hopefully i didnt gain too much. i had small serving sizes. and on one day a girl called me a fatty for eating a muffin (a friend making a joke) i was pissed off so i just ate garden salad for lunch even though they put nachos on my plate i resisted. and the exercise, we needed the energy. well im back and ready. ready to start the ABC tomorrow. ready to run everyday for the next 2 weeks of break. i have a question. should i buy laxatives as a punishment for if i binge? or is it really that horrible? mhhm?
tomorrows gonna be a stress. start of the abc, but we have morning tea at my grandmas with hot cross buns to celebreat good friday. woo -_-" like 200 and something clories in a hot cross bun, fml ill eat like one. but im excited to push myself to run everyday. i hope i can do it. peace out lovelies x

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  1. sounds like overall you did have a good time then? I don't like when people make jokes like that either

    running is amazing! good luck with your goals :)