Monday, March 22, 2010

i have 10 minutes :)

ok well i have now 8 minutes till i leave to go to the doctor (something to do with my blood /sighhh) and so i didnt know what to do. just a quick post :) i havent been as active as i wouldve liked but its getting there ! i got up at 6am today to go to the gym with my dad woo :D although we werent there for heaps long coz he didnt feel up to it. he said when we move house hes gonna buy me a membership :) next to the eating. well its been ok. i live off diet coke and green tea but i seem to have small binges in the afternoon. it hasnt done too much damage and im glad i can get back up instead of giving up. last night i chopped up all this carrot and celery and put it in a bowl of water in the fridge so if i binge i can do it with healthy vegetables :) and also to stop binging, instead of just not eating anything during the day (besides diet coke) im taking a tomato to school and today because i went to the gym and may feel a little faint, im taking a small packet of kids cheese shapes haha. i have a few diets in mind as the holidays are coming up. i think week one ill live off just celery. as much as i want. whenever im hungry. then second week ill do what the girl does in devil wears prada and eat nothing until i feel like im going to pass out and have a cube of cheese, lol sounds kinda lame but maybe its a good idea? only problem is next week we have year 12 retreat, which sucks coz the teachers watch us like hawks, im surrounded by friends etc and itll be hard not to eat. ill just pick the healthy stuff. and were allowed to take our own snacks, drinks etc i plan on taking diet coke haha love that stuff. anyway doctors here i come ughhhh more needles. hope you all have a great day 8D

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