Monday, March 15, 2010


after going through some peoples blogs i feel inspired to write here almost everyday if i have the time. because even if not many people read this by writing this it makes me feel amazing :) my diet is consisting of only green tea, diet coke and one mars bar a day. i already feel better. i just need to keep this up for the next 3 weeks although it will be difficult to avoid my fathers dinner forever.i read the maximum cups of green tea a day you should have is 10 and im getting close :) they say for weight loss benefits a minimum of 4 cups a day so by having close to 10 a day it should be good. and as i know that half way through the day i get to eat a mars bar its worth the hunger pains. ill probably write again either tonight or tomorrow :)


  1. Hi I'm following your blog and i really like your style in writing. I've only just opened my account but i was wondering how do you get so many people to follow you?

  2. i dont really have many people following me :|
    and theres no real way to make them i guess but i write this blog because i feel as though i have to tell somebody about my successses and failures seeing as it would worry the people around me. but thanks for reading my blog i hope it helps you ^_^