Sunday, March 14, 2010

its been a while

i should probably get back into writing in this blog after all the stress im under i think itll help :) now i havent completely fallen off the rails seeing i havent written in a while ive just have zero achievements haha i was in hospital for a bit due to other things and gained a bit of weight there that im now ready to shed. i put up a picture of lady gaga from her telephone film clip i love it, its amazing :) shes lost so much weight her stomach and ass look so great. i read somewhere that her rapid weight loss was from for a few weeks all she had was coffee, diet soda and one mars bar a day to keep up her sugar levels. so starting today its a few diet cokes a day with one mars bar. so far so good haha :) and i have my dance classes tonight. as well as starting to hit the gym with my dad again and wednesday afternoons me and my friend are going to this park to walk :) so happy. im so keen to look good for my boyfriend and when ive lost a bit of weight im gonna buy some sexy lingerie etc and impress him. he definately deserves it for putting up with me. as for stress omg last year at school everythings a stress! but it gives me an excuse to spend recess and lunch in the study hall and not outside being forced to eat around friends. im pretty happy right now and hope anybody who reads this is too :) hopefully ill write back soon and HOPING i stick to my diet coke and mars bars. quick question what do you guys think is better diet coke or coze zero? mhhm give me your opinions :D thankyouuuuu, now for some situps :D

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