Thursday, May 27, 2010


please provide me with an A.

now the Q, is whats the best you reckon out of: running and walking combined, just walking, or jogging without many stops?
and all is around the same distance
coz i wanna burn fat but i feel lazy if i only walk, and if i sprint then walk or just jog im scared ill gain too much muscle :( i think maybe jogging but with walking rests?

eeeeek iunno, help please :)!


  1. Don't feel lazy for just walking. My fiance has showed me pictures of himself before and after he started walking everywhere, and the results are truly amazing. But if you feel the need to get some running in there as well, try sprinting for one minute then walking for two then repeating the process. I've heard that that is the best thing for burning calories.

  2. I agree with Ana's Girl. I read up hundreds of articles relating to excercise, weight loss, etc. and they all say that interval training is the best way to burn fat. Interval training is like sprinting for 20 seconds then resting for another minute then repeating it.