Tuesday, May 25, 2010

you know your looking at a winner

firstly i would like to thank athANAsy (and sorry i dont know how to link your name) and im also apologetic to her because i havent read my own blog for a while and i was unaware she gave me the beautiful blogger award ^__^ your truely beautiful girl :)
now secondly im going to admit my weakness of the past few weeks, while ive been running its done nothing and im not excusing myself for eating shit anymore. its strict intake and strict exercise, also ive decided sundays will be my day of cleanse, which means fasting, and laxatives on a saturday night if i am at home. theres a girl at school and its so obvious thats shes ana, of the past half year shes gone from normal to stick thin and her bones jutting out, just seeing her everyday is inspiration. i started my strictness yesterday and when my boyfriend talked about pizza for dinner i just thought of this girl. the first few days of 'dieting' are the hardest and im prepared to get through these days and then im hoping it will all get easier. wish me luck. im sick of crying and having panic attacks.
unrelated, i have a few therapist sessions to do with family although ill hopefully get my anxiety disorder settled for good

ill update again soon, hopefully :)
stay strong xx

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  1. Good luck with the therapy seshs. Your right, it's hard at first until it becomes routine/normal. Well normal to us anyways ;)