Sunday, May 16, 2010


so i went shopping with my friend and i just have to buy some nice skinny jeans :) so i go to try on the cutest, black cut up jeans and i cant do the zip up. i start to feel a panic attack come on, but as im in a shopping centre i contaion myself but i just wanted to go home. i dropped my friend home and by now its pitch black. im so angry from the jeans that i go run in the dark. after my recent illness i had lost most of my physical abilities haha so i hadnt run in ages. that was on thursday, and i felt so good after, i made myself a promise to run everyday until i fit into those jeans but one size smaller than the ones i tried on. so its sunday and ive run everyday since then. i admit my intake of food has been disgusting i wont even go into that but its improving. i feel so good from all the running, and so inspired!

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