Friday, September 3, 2010


so inspired to post again. haha.

its so fucked up
i dont know what to do
yesterday i was the happiest ive been in a while because i felt pure control from both not eating and not talking to my boyf. this is the fucked up part - it made me think my weight would be better off if i didnt have him in my life. i love him and i want both, i want him and to be tiny. argh, last night i was actually considering breaking up with him. him, the one i thought id live the rest of my life with. ugh. fucking hard decisions. and i worked last night (work at maccas) and i was able to resist everything over my 8 hour shift, which is usually quite difficult as i can eat or drink anything i like for free, but i just stuck with diet coke & coke zero. fuck im good haha. and i know for a fact that since me and him have been dating i have put on weight.

besides diet pepsi what other sodas have

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