Thursday, September 2, 2010

i wonder

how long would i be able to live off just diet joke? hahahaha

so i think the plan is: the occasional fruit or veges, and then every other time just diet coke (L) low calorie jelo and smokes woo

havent posted in a while, havent felt like im enough inspiration or inspired enough. but now i am. its odd. i think me eating is related to my boyf. weve been together for 6 months and while im happy with him im still unhappy with my image, i put on weight because i eat around him not to hide the ed but just coz. and so were in a major fight. and i feel majorly inspired without him really. all i had today was some tea (which i have without sugar or milk :D) and 2 cans of diet coke. no gum like usual no lollypops like usual. i just feel happy and energetic. i also took a caffeine pill this morning which is probably half the way i feel this way but HEY IF IT WORKS im loving this feeling :)! plus i bought like the most amazing dress last night and i think itd look better without love handles so i aint eating till after tomorrow night (which is the event in which im wearing the dress) hahahaha woo.

anybody who read this post, place a comment i'd like to know whos really listening and i wanna help everybody (hahaha i feel amazing)

stay strong girls and (maybe) guys

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  1. Don't limit yourself to diet coke, hun! There's a world of delicious, zero-cal soft drinks out there.... Pepsi Max has been my favorite lately.

    Take care, xox