Wednesday, June 2, 2010


so im feeling so proud of myself :) its only been 3 days but theyve been fantastic - well when it comes to this issue anyway :) so ive been able to control myself, and ive started exercising in my room each night while reading wasted so i must say i recomend reading of the book, ive read it all in the past 3 days! and ive found it the biggest thinspo, each morning i watch the pounds drop off! along with lots of water, coffee, and sugar free mints :) i think until i find another book besides winter girls (which really isnt as good) i will continue to constantly re-read over and over again wasted. it makes exercising not so boring plus provides me with inspiration.

im in such a good mood about this. if i continue with major success, i may actually posts stats next week! eeeeeeek :D

stay strong, and your all beautiful :)

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  1. Great job on your success! What exercises are you doing that you can read while doing them? The only exercise i really do is running and it's impossible to read and do that. Lol. Picture me running out in front of a car with a book in my hand. Whoops! Anyway, stay strong, dearie. You're really doing wonderfully.